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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

OTGV #5 - ASEAN Ties

Broadcast Date : 17/06/02

Last week, another batch of youth leaders were enrolled and graduated from a leadership enhancement course.

Content-wise, it isn't eyebrow raising.

However, the course has the potential to grow much more beyond what it purports to train.

Hi this is Chong Ching Liang and welcome to On the Grapevine.

This week we go to a graduation ceremony....

"Welcome to the graduation ceremony of the inaugural ASEAN plus Three Leadership Executive Programme."

Ostensibly, it is simply to train leadership and to acquaint youth leaders with the appropriate infocomm technology to help their work.

Minister of State for Defence, Cedric Foo on what the course aims to do.

"Our focus for the inaugural LEP this year is the making full use of the information and communications technology or ICT, using it to achieve the twin goals of youth outreach and organisation development. In this age of rapid globalisation helped along by ICT, we must recognise that youths are early adopters of technology. We must do something about this - to stay relevant and connected with our youths. You are the leaders of our youth sector. As World-Ready Youths, you have the vision to dream, and the courage to act on your dreams. My challenge to you is this: Embrace ICT creatively to meet the needs and optimise the use of your resources. We should not just stop here when we walk out these doors. "

However, strip away the veneers of knowledge transfer; it has an even more meaningful agenda.

Senior Officer from ASEAN Secretariat's Bureau of Economic and Functional Cooperation, Yong Chanthalangsy explains.

"Riding the infocomm technology wave for youth organisation development is just timely and is in line with the Yangon Declaration adopted by the Third ASEAN ministerial meeting held on November 2000 in Yangon. The ASEAN ministers declared that the future course of actions be charted in strengthening internal capacity to inculcate a sense of ASEAN awareness and identity among the ASEAN youths and equipped them with necessary skills and capability to meet the challenges of globalisation. Partnership and links between the ASEAN youths and the youths in East Asia. "

Common ASEAN identity and a civil society that stretches across countries and political boundaries.

Mr Cedric Foo again.

"My wish now is for you to ponder over some of these learning points and decide for yourselves what might be applied or adapted in your respective countries. More importantly, for you to keep these friendship and ties going and continue to help one another along as you grow with the youth you are helping to develop. Now with the friendship and cohesion forged among you, you could start working together on joint projects and help each other along. I am sure that you will agree with me that the LEP has been a meaningful platform for exchange and friendships."


An Asia-ASEAN region cross-knitted with formal and informal links between civic organisations.

Wouldn't that be breathtaking?

But it isn't far fetched.

The germination may have already begun.

"My name is Akiko Kodara, I'm currently working for Japan Association for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. As the organisation I am involved in is a membership organisation so the strategies to maintenance of membership and also the IT technology and I will like to share my experience and the knowledge with my colleagues back home. Has it build ties? Oh Yes! Definitely and I would like for this relationship and friendship to continue."

"Hi I am Subhas and I am from NTUC, and we have this very good exchange programme over this ten over days. And when we were having this team building session, more or less I have made some collaboration with delegates from other countries, like I am looking into my interests of union so I have made arrangement with Cambodia, Thailand and Philippines to work on the union side of it."

"Hi my name is Lee Chi Hyang and I work for youth unit in Korea national commission for UNESCO. Also I support Korean university student activity. This course was really useful for me to enlarge my network in ASEAN countries because Korea is quite far from Asia and even though we have many developments in ICT we didn't have any network or sharing with any ASEAN countries. It helped me a lot and I made many friends in this course. Now I exchange my programmes with some of my friends here. We promised to exchange our students next year and also we are going to make a homepage or sending e-mails to each other. "

"I am Araceli Aves and I'm from the Philippines. I'm the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of the National Youth Commission. We came here to network and learn more about the Information Communication Technology. In the Philippines, there are 12 million Filipinos who use handphones and we do a lot of SMSing which we called Texting so it’s like the way to fly for us. It influenced a lot of things like political, social as well as economic trends and preferences. We are interacting with the other countries and we are trying to put up a network, a good foundation for us to work together, more exchange programmes, more training for our young people when we go back to our countries."

Politicians continue with their fiery rhetoric but if these ties continue to grow,

Geo-political crises may not be that common.

Now, is this line of thought utopianistic?

This is Chong Ching Liang for Newsradio 938.

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